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About Me

Welcome! I’m Nell Stamper.

I’m an editor and publishing professional with years of experience in helping authors
“see change” in their work. Whether you are writing, editing, publishing or marketing books, I can help you meet your goals and connect with your readers.

Professional Affiliations


ACES : Society for Editing

EFA : Editorial Freelancers Association

Ooligan Press

NW Editors Guild



These services can be stand-alone, or combined to meet your needs.

A note on pricing: My fees vary by service, based on industry standards. Take a look at this chart for a rough idea of what to expect.

To support diversity and inclusion in the publishing industry, I offer a limited number of pro bono project slots each year. If you are an author from a historically marginalized community and you face financial barriers to publishing, please contact me about availability for free services.


Are you writing a book?

Coaching:  Focused on you as a writer 

Looks like: Regular sessions to talk about you and your work. You get support with goal-setting and accountability, technical help, writing tools, and insight into the publishing industry. If you aren’t familiar with book coaching, I wrote about it here.

Is your finished draft ready for editing?

Developmental Editing: Focused on your manuscript, at whatever stage it’s in

Looks like: You send me your manuscript. I edit for high level issues like structure, organization, plot, and form and send you a detailed list of suggestions. One follow-up call is included.

Are you ready to publish and market your book?

Consulting: Focused on your unique publishing and marketing goals

Looks like: We have an initial meeting and I help you decide on the publishing path that works best for you. We create a project plan. I provide expert info and resources including regular meetings, referrals to trusted colleagues, and encouragement while we bring your book to life! 


Are you a business with a blog or newsletter? Keep an editor on hand!

Retainer: Focused on business-to-business support

Looks like: Insurance for your time-sensitive publishing schedule — I’ll be there when you need me, no wait lists involved! For a monthly fee, your press or business gets premium access to my high-quality editing services for a set number of work hours.


What Clients Say

Thank you for your comments. I found your suggestions insightful and appropriate.

— D. Kubli, author


Your edit of “Inside the Tree Line” was exactly what I needed. I felt like you understood both my paranormal romance genre and my writing style. There were no huge changes, but the story is much better for both your in-text edits and the guidance you gave me in your editorial letter. It is a bonus that I enjoy talking to you about my writing. I look forward to working with you again. Thanks for all your hard work. 

— PK Stuart, author


Thank you for the care, kindness, intelligence, and diligence that went into your editorial letter. You have done a wonderful job of approaching this manuscript holistically, diagnosing the issues of greatest concern, and walking the author through your suggestions clearly and supportively. You tackle the biggest, most essential questions (audience, thesis, etc.) with candor and insight. I appreciate that you also address important concerns about representation and inclusion.   

 — A. Ranger, editor


When I reached an impasse on my manuscript, Nell arrived like Gandalf—calm, wise, and at precisely the right moment! She was delightful to work with and I trusted her instincts, ethics, and experience every step of the way. With her guidance and the excellent resources she provided, I reworked a major section of my memoir, identified a list of potential publishers, and drafted a strong query letter. I highly recommend Nell as the first one to call when you’re stuck and need help to forge ahead.

— S. Polizzotto, author

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Contact Me

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about what you need and how I can help.  Please use the contact form to provide me with a few details, and I’ll normally get back to you within 2 business days.

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